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Paracord Bracelet Watch: Victoria Swiss Army INOX Paracord

Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Paracord Watch

Paracord bracelets and watchbands are a popular item with survival preppers and outdoor enthusiasts. They are easy to carry, won’t get lost, and can be unwound to provide several yards of high-strength parachute cord for emergencies. There are sellers of after-market paracord watchbands and customized watches, but there are not many watch companies that offer paracord bracelets as a standard option. Those that do often use inferior watches, but not this one.

The Victoria Swiss Army INOX Paracord watch is an INOX watch that comes with either a black or green paracord band. The band is made by the Swedish paracord bracelet copmpany Naimakka and the paracord material is American made, army-approved, and hand-woven.

The INOX is Victorinox’s most rugged line of watches designed for outdoor adventure. The Swiss-made, quartz-powered watch has a 43 mm steel case and is resistant to pressure (8 tons), temperature shock, vibration, and shock (10-meter drop). It is also water-resistant to 200 meters with a screw-lock case back and a screw-down crown. It has an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The INOX design is simple, classy, and sturdy.

The INOX Paracord model also includes a removable translucent bumper to protect the watch from scratches and shock during outdoor use. This translucent bumper is exclusive to the Paracord model. It is more subtle looking than the black bumpers included with other INOX models. The translucent bumper covers the bezel, lugs, and crown, while the black bumpers only cover the bezel.

The INOX Paracord watch will cost a lot more than a basic paracord bracelet but offers a world-class rugged Swiss timepiece that is leagues above other paracord watches.


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